Toxoplasma Arts started in 2016 as a small business promoting Denver vocalist Cristin Colvin as she performed as a jazz and opera singer in the metro area. The business expanded in 2019 when she took her web administration knowledge from a higher education setting and began designing websites and design collateral for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Today, Toxoplasma supports a few select websites on a permanent basis, continues to support Cristin’s opera career, and also acts as web administrator, marketer, and publisher for Toxoplasma Records.


Over the last few years, we’ve enjoyed creating websites for various entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country, from Seattle to Denver to Dallas. Toxoplasma is currently the web designer and administrator for Birdy Magazine and Sexy Pizza and will be publicly announcing a third member of the Toxoplasma family later in 2021.


Toxoplasma has designed booklets, programs, invites, flyers, and even logos. Logos include hand-drawn artwork.

Clients include: Eldora Chocolate, Oryad Band, Kevin Klemm Studio, Frazer Voice Studio, H2Physiques, and the Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education.